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You Pack & Unpack

Many Portland Residential Moving Companies offer a combination of services. You pack and wrap all your personal belongings, we upload the belongings and transport to final destination and unload the belongings at the final location.

Pack & Unpack

Our Portland Movers pack up and wrap all your belongings at origin location, load our truck and take the belongings to the final destination and unload and unpack all your belongings.


Between the do-it-yourself packing to letting us handle the packing duties, we offer several combinations in between. For example, if you wish for us to pack and wrap all your belongings at the origin but would rather unpack yourself, we can fully accommodate your request. Please ask about combinations when you speak with a Northwest Movers sales assistant.


If you wish to drop off belongings at different points, we can arrange to for multiple drop off locations between pick up origin and final destination. Whether your looking for a Portland or Beaverton Moving company, we are here to help.