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We our often asked “What separates Northwest Movers from other companies?” Simple and short answer is, we take care of our customers.

From the beginning of Northwest Movers in 2011, our mission was to change the moving industry. We wanted start a company that didn’t have the typical moving company stereo types. Here we are eight years in, and we still stand by those values. From the office, to the everyday movers (except Sunday) we have excellent employees, and truly value each and every one.

Make no mistake, the most important aspect of running a successful moving company is taking care of your customers. At Northwest Movers, we stand behind our work 100%. If a issue does arise, we address it immediately. Some companies will string clients along, delay claims, not answer calls/ emails. That’s not what Northwest Movers is about.

Northwest Movers Portland


Northwest Movers Portland has perfected the craft of moving safely. Items are quilted, followed by shrink wrap to ensure no damage occurs during the move. It may add a little more time, but in the end it keeps all items safe and secure. We do want to point out that there are a few other moving companies in Portland with similar names to Northwest Movers. We have zero affiliation with these companies. It is important to read your Bill Of Lading, to see who you in fact hired for your move. We still receive calls to this day of clients associating us with the wrong company. We will always send a confirmation email after booking to confirm the move. We also take a one hour deposit upon scheduling. Be sure to follow us on Yelp.