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Moving to Portland

More and more people are considering moving to Portland, Oregon and who wouldn’t ?With its vast opportunities, breathtaking sceneries and its high regard on clean energy, Northwest Movers Portland are definitely staying busy. What is not to love with this place? It is easy to commute as it is equipped with a transit system that is an envy of larger cities.

So, what is Portland really like? We have heard numerous accounts about the positive testimonials when moving to Portland? Here, we will give you a look on what Portland, Oregon is really like. So before you call Northwest Movers to help you on your local moving, you might want to check this article so you will know what to expect.

Portland has a long rainy season. We are not talking about downpour of rain, but a generally wet season from November up to the month of April. Portland experiences 155 days of rain per year. This is the type of rain that most Portlanders enjoy.? Light occasional rain that cools the warm surroundings and cleanses the air.

While Indiana can be considered as the Basketball capital of the US, Portland has a great fan following for soccer. The local stadium is like a Mecca of soccer sports with 30 years history of Timber matches. Fans of the Portland soccer team can be considered as the best fans in the world, as literally fill-up the stadium during a soccer game.

Also, this city has a rich brewing culture. Their drinking habit can be considered as gluttony; its like Oktoberfest every day. Beer comes in different sizes and different flavors; its insane how much people love to drink beer. And if you want to shed those beer bellies, biking would be the perfect way to do so. The local government is promoting the use of bicycles by producing a 180-mile bike lane. Portland is considered as one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the United States.

And of course with the help of a bicycle, you can easily reach the majestic sceneries and landscape that Portland is offering you. Be amazed by waterfall of the Columbia River Gorge and experience surfing on the nearby coast. There are so many things to do and to see in Portland that it is chosen by retirees as their retirement place, not to mention that the place is so relaxing. You can tell it by looking on the face of the Portlanders. These are just some of the reasons why Portland is attracting so many individual and is why Northwest Movers is thriving.