Speciality Moving

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Specialty Moving

How to find a Portland Moving Company

  • Includes antiques, fine art and any other unique items that require specialty packaging and care.

  • All other special requests can be arranged by talking with your Northwest Movers move coordinator.

  • If you are not necessarily relocating but you have specialty items that you would need assistance in moving, Northwest Movers will be able to provide you with the much needed service. Say for example you have a piano that you would like to give to a friend or bring to a different location; our Portland movers will be able to help you out with that. You may also request for Portland moving company service when transporting other home or office furniture and appliances that are too large to fit in your vehicle or even paintings and other fragile items that must be handled with utmost care.



Residential Moving



  • Pack & Unpack – Our Portland Movers pack up and wrap all your belongings at origin location, load our truck and take the belongings to the final destination and unload and unpack all your belongings.
  • You Pack & Unpack- Many Portland Residential Moving Companies offer a combination of services. You pack and wrap all your personal belongings, we upload the belongings and transport to final destination and unload the belongings at the final location.




Commercial Moving

Northwest Movers may assist with your commercial move if the total square footage is 2,000 or less. Your moving specialists will not be able to assist with break- down cubicles. While residential is our bread and butter, We guarantee the same outstanding service with commercial moves. Northwest Movers requires an on site estimate for all potential office moves to ensure we are accurate with our quotes.