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Whether you’re moving local or out of state, most of the time a moving service can be quite expensive. We get to a point of planning a move without having the proper funds to cover the expenses. Movers Portland OR can be expensive so what are the options?


Do Not Throw In The White flag Just Yet!


Dont pay for boxes. Most if not all Portland Movers are going to charge a ridiculous price for boxes. Note- not because they want to, but in fact because they are told to by the Oregon Department Of Transportation. Just like moving rates, packing materials are also regulated by the state.


Bring empty boxes home from your workplace or local grocery store.


Ask friends or relatives who have recently moved. Most people keep their boxes around for a few weeks before disposing of them.


Search on Craigslist. Posted in the free section. Many individuals would rather someone come and remove their boxes for them and charge nothing for it. This beats having to haul the boxes to the dump. Several Portland Moving Companies offer box removal services in the Portland area.


Local Liquor stores have tons of boxes that they dispose of daily. These boxes tend to be great for kitchen spices and canned goods.


If none of the above turn our to be viable options, consider looking at Home Depot or U-Haul. A large portion of the Movers Portland OR purchase their materials from these stores due to the quality of the boxes. After the move if you don’t feel like disposing of your boxes, consider browsing Yelp and Google for Moving Companies in Portland OR who would pick them up at no charge.


Ditch Some Of Your Stuff

Interested in a small tax break. Consider donating old or unwanted items to your local Goodwill. Once unpacking begins you will realize how much stuff you really don’t need. Often Portland Movers will donate your items free of charge. Another important component to consider. Check your new homes measurements. Especially if you are moving to the NE or SE sides of Portland. Most homes in the area have very tight and narrow hallways. Box springs are known enemies for these tight corners, as well as tall sofas.