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How Long Will My Move Take?

We are often asked the question “how long will my move take?” There are many factors at play to determine the time needed to complete your move. There are several factors that will determine the length of your move. Some of the more obvious ones include, number of boxes, how much furniture, miscellaneous items (non boxed items), the number of items that will need to be disassembled and reassembled. As expert Portland movers, we’ve here to help.

A few more factors that should be considered for your Portland move. Are there elevators involved? If so, are they involved with the current residence, new residence, or both? How long is the walk from your residence to the elevator? Will the elevator be locked off and reserved specifically for the movers? How big is the elevator? Many buildings in Portland will set a fixed number of hours for how long the elevator can be used/ reserved. Are the hallways long to get to the elevator? Is the lock from the elevator to the loading dock long as well? How close will Northwest Movers be able to park the truck? All of these factors are important to consider when budgeting for total move time.

Do my items need to be wrapped? The only answer to this is YES. Our Movers in Portland are trained to properly protect all items. At Northwest Movers we prefer to wrap nearly every piece of furniture to insure no damage occurs at any point during the move. Not only is this important for keeping your belongings safe, but your residences as well. Our Portland Movers prefer to use a pad (blanket) followed by shrink wrap on top of that to insure protection. Although this may add time to your move, your belongings are much safer for loading, transport, and unloading process.

Minimization of loose end items (miscellaneous items). These are items that simply cannot be boxed. Items such as fans, plants, small photos, portable air conditioner units etc. If it can be in a box, it certainly helps if it is. Cutting down on the loose end items will speed up the process of your move. If nearly everything is boxed before the movers arrive, you can rest assured your move will be much smoother. It is not ideal to move piles of stuff. If possible, please box your items before your Northwest Movers team arrives.


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