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How to find a Portland Moving Company

How to find a Portland Moving Company

How to find a Portland Moving Company:

There are many Portland Moving Companies to choose from, how do you pick. With these steps you can be sure you wont end up disappointed.

1. Make sure they are licensed with the state of Oregon. All Portland moving companies transporting household goods must be on the following list- http://www.oregon.gov/odot/mct/pages/movers.aspx If you choose a Portland mover not on the list above you could end up with uninsured/ inexperienced movers.

2. Reputation. What sites should I use to find a Portland moving company? There are many great sites that provide reliable customer testimonials. Yelp tends to be our favorite since they are good at weeding out the spammers. Google plus still has a problem with spamming, however they are improving. Angie’s list can also be a valuable option when searching for Portland Movers. However you do need a membership in order to look/review services.

3. Word of mouth. Ask your family/friends. Word of mouth is still the best type of marketing in today’s society. Your realtor should also be able to assist you when looking for Portland moving companies. If your living in an apartment complex in Portland, the leasing office can also point you in the correct direction. Facebook is also a great option simply for the fact that their are millions of active users with viable information.

4. Is price matching allowed? No. All licensed Portland moving companies are in whats called a “tariff” A tariff sets the rules/rates/regulation that a portland moving company must abide by. For example, the Oregon Moving and Storage Association regulates many Portland Movers. You can find their tariff at the following link- http://www.ormsa.com/. You’ll notice several moving companies in Portland have the exact rates. This is because they are in the same tariff. If you find a mover that has a different rate, they could be in another tariff. Licensed Portland Moving Companies do not set their rates. Rules such as drive time are determined by their associated tariff.

5. Along with a BOA (bill of lading) you should be provided the consumer guide to moving in Oregon, which can be found here- http://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/MCT/pages/moving.aspx Every Portland Moving company must provide this before the actual move takes place.