Tips for Packing and Moving Your Gaming Equipment

Whether you are a pro gamer or a beginner, you may be wondering how you c pack ad move your gaming equipment when relocating to a new place. From electronics and tabletops to vintage arcade games, your moving company will help you do the heavy lifting and move your items safely to your new home. 

Here are a few things to consider when preparing to pack and move your gaming equipment:

First things first, moving is about organizing your stuff. You should know what you have, their vulnerabilities, and sizes when planning to pack and move them. Electronics often come with their packaging that you can use when moving. However, some game equipment like Ping Pong tables may require special treatment. In this case, you can even opt to sell your table and get a new one once you have moved in. Here are some DIY ping pong table ideas that anyone can make and use as replacements for the old (sold) ones. 

Know What You Want To Move What are you planning to move? That should be the first thing to consider. Evaluate the sizes and quantity of your items. Depending on your gaming experience, you may want to start planning earlier. You may also want to visit some gaming websites like to know more about your gaming equipment and how you can move them safely. 

Accordingly, find out the moving cost for everything. 

Use Original Packaging

It is essential to use the original packaging for electronics. Some gaming equipment like video game consoles come with boxes and trays designed to hold them perfectly. This means you will not have to worry about getting packing supplies to keep your equipment secure when moving. Additionally, you should use the user manual when packing delicate electronics in their corresponding boxes. 

You should also take pictures of all cables and cords to help you identify how to set them all up when you arrive. 

Utilize Electronics Setup Services

Some moving companies may offer electronics setup services, which help you set up your gaming room. Such movers will help you set up your consoles, TV, computers, and other essentials you may have in your room. You can also ask the mover to set up your living room to get everything ready for use on your first day. This should leave you with fewer tasks to worry about.  

Handle Delicate Items With Care

If you have a ping pong table, pinball machines, pool table, or other valuable game equipment, you may want to make special arrangements to have these items moved. Go for a moving company with experience in moving such delicate and oversized items. You should also inform your mover of all items you have in your gaming room, including the most valuable ones. 

Extra precaution is needed when packing and transporting delicate items. You will have to disassemble as many items as possible and wrap them into packing materials as you get ready to move. Ask your moving company if they offer packing services for large and valuable items. 

Consider a Moving Insurance

Gaming equipment, old video games, arcade games, and other prized items may be costly to replace. While a professional moving company will always focus on delivering your items safely, accidents are unprecedented. Consider investing in moving insurance to cover items that may be lost or damaged when moving. 

Talk to your mover to plan for special considerations, such as insurance. 

How Can You Pack Your Gaming Equipment?

Here is a step-by-step guide into packing your gaming equipment:

  • Take out discs or games inside your system before unplugging them.
  • Remove any rechargeable batteries from your systems.
  • Wrap electronics, such as consoles, PC, controllers, and any other accessories.
  • Place a layer of padding at the bottom of every box to cushion the electronic.
  • Put every item in a box with heavy items on the bottom.
  • Fill empty spaces on the boxes with padding or paper to prevent shifting when on transit. 
  • Place another layer of padding on top of the item before closing the box. 
  • Label every box.

The Bottom Line

Your gaming equipment, such as consoles, may be costly and require extra caution when moving. It is essential to pack them safely to avoid losses and damages during transit. Accordingly, you should not let any of your equipment go alone. If you are going to move them, consider moving with them.



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