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A Leading Moving Company That Was Founded Over A Decade Ago. The Company Helps People And Businesses To Safely Move Their Possessions And Valuables From One Location To Another.

Moving or relocation can be stressful and full of many challenges. Northwest Movers come in to offer you a smooth and stress-free experience when changing houses or relocating to a different city.

Our professional moving company gives you peace of mind, knowing that everything is in safe hands. Our professional movers plan your move to ensure that it’s less stressful and overwhelming for you and your family.

We understand how to best navigate roads and handle your valuables to ensure they’re protected and safe. You get peace of mind on your moving day, knowing that professionals are in charge of your possessions.

We offer reliable moving services to ensure that you don’t have to depend on your family and friends. They may not offer the kind of reliability you need to move your possessions and family safely to your new home.

Our movers are highly trained on the best moving techniques to ensure your things are safe. We’re also accountable for your move and take responsibility for any eventualities. We make sure that all your belongings get to your new home safely.


We take the responsibility of moving you safely, saving you the stress of having to do what it takes to protect your possessions during the move. You get the time to do other important things such as making sure your new home is ready for occupation.

With our professional moving services, you can expect to move promptly to your new location and arrive on time. We offer prompt moving services to expedite and ease your moving process.

What’s more, our team get things done faster because they work as a team. Something that would take you hours to get out of the house takes our team just a few minutes.

At Northwest Movers, our professional movers handle bulky things such as furniture or heavy boxes with great efficiency. They move all your possessions onto the truck and later into your new home with great ease and efficiency.

We save you from lifting heavy things. As a result, you don’t develop back strain and other issues related to your health that may result from lifting heavy items without proper training. We do all the heavy lifting work for you.

Moreover, we also take an inventory of your items and possession in your home. Our professionals are trained to quickly and accurately go through the inventory taking process to ensure that nothing gets lost during transit. It also saves time in your new home, making tracking of items easy.

The safety of your valuables during transit is important. Our professional movers are trained and experienced in ensuring that different items are moved safely to your new home. The team understands what’s involved in the process to ensure that the moving process is safe.

Our movers know how to pack each item, load and unload boxes, pack your delicate possessions properly, and safely wrap your mattress. We’ve also invested in the right materials our team may need throughout the moving process to ensure that none of your things gets damaged.

We’ve been in the industry long enough to know what it takes to move your things safely from one point to another. Our experienced team packs your things properly and handles each item with care to ensure everything arrives safely.

We offer fast, safe and efficient moving service that meets your needs.

Moving with the help of family and friends come with lots of risks and hassles. It’s a challenge packing your items with only a few people to help. Professional movers offer hassle-free moving services to help you pack everything and move them safely to your new home.

Contact us for safe, hassle-free moving services to your new home.


What we do


Supplying materials for packing

we provide all the supplies you need to pack your belongings ready for the big move. We offer packing tape, large boxes, bubble wrap and paper to meet all your packing needs. We also provide shipping supplies such as furniture blankets and extra padding.


Packing your possessions

packing is time-consuming and the most difficult aspect of moving. But, we pack all your belongings. Our team is well-trained to pack your belongings safely within a short time. They also pack your fragile items and valuables such as artwork and glass professionally and securely.


Loading and unloading of trucks

our professionals lift all the heavy things on your behalf. Our team also loads everything onto the truck, including your appliances. They then unload the truck upon arriving at your new home.


Disassembly and assembly of your furniture

we make sure that all your heavy furniture is disassembled and then assembled at your new home, if necessary. The disassembly is done fully or partially.



our professional movers unpack your items when we arrive at your new home. Our team ensures that you get time to focus on other important matters such as settling in your new home. You only supervise and our movers get things done.


Transporting your items

we move your belongings across streets, neighborhoods, towns, cities, states or nations. We’ll let you know when your items arrive at your new home so you prepare yourself to receive the shipment.


Disposing packing materials

after moving, you’re likely to end up with lots of cardboard boxes that’ll need recycling. Other materials such as packing peanuts and plastic wrap require proper disposal. We ensure that all waste is disposed in the proper way. We also clear all the mess that’s left behind after unpacking your things. We work hand in hand with you to ensure that everything is done as you want and according to your plan.


Northwest Movers is a leading moving company that was founded over a decade ago. The company helps people and businesses to safely move their possessions and valuables from one location to another.

We offer various moving services, ranging from packing of your items to unpacking them at your new home. Our moving services are affordable, reliable and efficient to meet your unique moving needs.

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